BBS #0001 – Cyber Hygiene & Cyber Grandma

Recorded 9-28-2017


In episode 1 of the Binary Barbershop, Gus and Gabe sit down to discuss cyber hygiene, what it is, why it’s important and what you can do to improve your own. The guys break the topics down into three main discussion points including cyber hygiene for the home, online and then general hygiene practices. In this episode you’ll learn the importance of properly managing your home devices’ default passwords and settings, ensuring your home’s Wi-Fi, keeping and managing important documents security and why you should make sure all of your devices stay patched and updated. The discussion will also include the importance of monitoring your family and children’s internet usage, what to avoid doing on social media and other practices for using and navigating the web safely. Lastly the guys will talk about some general best practices for using public internet connections, openly discussing personal information and what you can do to increase your security when you need to do these things.

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