BBS #0003 – Getting Into the Cyber Biz

Recorded 12-6-2017


In this episode of the Binary Barbershop Gabe and Gus sit down to discuss a question that is asked a lot in their field. “How do I get into the cyber security field”? The guys will break down two general paths that are taken into the cyber security and information security field. They will discuss more traditional routes through college and educational institutions for obtaining a degree and formal training. Additionally they will discuss the less traditional routes that are available to professionals, students and veterans. Gus and Gabe will discuss free resources for training and education available to anyone as well as excellent resources for disabled veterans. The guys will talk about what is required, once in the industry, to maintain relevance and qualifications in order to stay competitive, what kind of mindset you need and the soft skills that are certain to give anyone looking to transition into cyber an edge. Lastly the guys will talk about special considerations that should be taken into account by anyone looking to make a move in the cyber security field.



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