BBS #0004 – Securing the Network

Recorded 12-13-2017


On episode 4 of the Binary Barbershop Gabe and Gus get into some of the specifics of securing your home network. The guys will talk about the physical and logical configuration and setup of your network and networked devices.They’ll get into hardening your router for a more secure configuration as well as discuss the benefits of having a guest network at home. In addition to that the guys will talk about dedicated security devices and applications that can be utilized at home to help increase your home security and add additional layers of security. Finally the guys will discuss one of the most important pieces of any security program, awareness. They will discuss the importance of maintaining an awareness of what is going on within your network, how devices are being used and what you can do to maintain awareness. Stay tuned as well for future YouTube recordings of our podcast and tutorials!


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