BBS #0010 – Facebook, DA & Social Media Privacy

Recorded March 22, 2018

Facebook, DA & Social Media Privacy

In episode 10 of The Binary Barbershop Gabe and Gus dig into the recent information exposed by a Cambridge Analytica whistle blower about the unethical and potentially illegal handling of Facebook user information. The guys will break down how the information was gathered through Facebook quizzes that everyone loves so much. They will further discuss how friends in your network can put you at risk with their behavior and why participating in these kinds of online games and quizzes can be dangerous. The guys will also explain how Cambridge Analytica used this data in its marketing an ad campaigns to try to alter and influence peoples voting choices in recent elections. Finally Gus and Gabe will talk about what the future of this might hold and whether or not they believe this is the end or there will be more instances like this brought to the surface in the near future. 

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