Gabe Gomez 

Gabe Gomez is a former Marine with 8 years of active duty service and currently a Cyber Security professional with over 20 years of Security, IT and Project Management experience. Gabe’s academic background includes a Bachelors of Science in Global Business Management and a Master’s Degree in Information Technology Management. His professional certifications include; CISSP, PMP, C|EH, FQNV and multiple courses in Forensics and Industrial Control Systems. His area of services include the Financial sector, Health IT and Government Services. Gabe’s passionate about training and education, especially in the Tech world and America’s youth. He believes there should be more early training options for middle/high school Students as well as a broader delivery of Cyber related training for the Country. Gabe is an avid techie and loves to tinker with all things tech. (Let him know if you have a place to store the “in process” projects his wife wants out of the house)  He is a family man with a wife and two young boys. Gabe spends a lot of time on the baseball field coaching, and as much time as he can fishing or hunting.

Gus Brown 

Gus Brown is a cyber security professional with nearly 10 years of experience across a broad range of Cyber Security disciplines and industries to include both the private and defense sectors. Gus is a graduate of East Carolina University for his undergraduate business studies and has a Master’s in Cyber Security from Capitol Technology University. Additionally, he maintains active CISSP and C|EH certifications and has specialized training in numerous areas to include Industrial Control Systems Security and Health IT Systems Security. Gus is passionate about bringing Cyber Security topics and issues to the masses; to everyday people who are often impacted by the issues but don’t understand them. Gus hopes that through this podcast and it’s affiliated media, Binary Barbershop will serve as a platform for both highly technical and non-technical listeners to learn from and be better equipped to protect themselves and their data. When Gus isn’t at a keyboard or working with systems and system owners, he can likely be found hanging out with his wife and kids, casting a line in the water or sitting in a tree stand hunting. Gus has an irrational fear of blank word documents which is why previous personal blog efforts have failed.


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