BBS #0016 – Karissa A. Breen Interview

Karissa A. Breen Interview

Karissa Breen a.k.a. KB, is the Founder of KBI, an engineered marketing agency that assists cyber security, tech start-ups and established tech businesses to exponentially grow. KB is cyber security and tech evangelist and social media guru. You can find KB on any of her social or web links below, hosting her show, KBKast or dropping quick nuggets of expertise on her LinkedIn posts, KB on the Daily (#KBonthedaily). 

In this episode of the podcasts, Gabe syncs up with KB via Skype to talk about the tech industry’s approach to marketing and branding. Additionally, Gabe and KB discuss the challenges women and entrepreneurs face in the tech space, as well as personal insights to what inspires KB, what led her down her current path in the tech industry and what drives her to keep pushing forward.

Twitter: @iamkarissabreen
Facebook: @karissabreenindustries

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