BBS #0017 – Matt Greene Interview

Matt Greene Interview

In this episode of the Binary Barbershop, Gus and longtime friend, Matt Greene, sit down for a discussion about current technology trends and interests, what we look for when we evaluate potential talent for cyber security positions and how people making the transition from the military to the civilian world can give themselves an upper hand. A U.S. Army Veteran who currently works as a cyber security engineer,  Matt talks about his personal experience with separating from the Army and provides some useful insight for those who may be considering that move.

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BBS #0002 – Industry Gap in Cyber Skills

Recorded 10-6-2017


In this episode of the Binary Barbershop, hosts Gus and Gabe dive head first into the issue of cyber security skills gaps within the private and public sectors. The guys lay out what exactly the skills gap is, providing some interesting insight from the CSIS and discuss the exact areas that are most lacking. Next the guys break down some of the various ways that this lack of cyber security skills in the IT field has a direct effect on the public, what the public can do to protect themselves and how organizations can better address the issue. Finally Gus and Gabe will talk about ways the skills gap can be closed through education and awareness as well as scholarship opportunities and a better image of the cyber security field in general.

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