BBS #0012 – Shift in Cyber Culture

Recorded May 5, 2018

The Growing Shift in Cyber-Minded Culture

The guys are back after an unexpected several weeks off due to job changes and an emergency appendectomy!! In this week’s episode 12 of The Binary Barbershop the guys talk about the ever changing landscape of culture in business with regard to Cyber security. Gus and Gabe talk about a recent announcement from Twitter that was more for precaution than anything else and how it sheds some light on the shift in cyber culture. With recent fallout from cyber and privacy issues associated with Facebook, Equifax and others, companies are taking a much more proactive approach to getting ahead of potential privacy and information breaches. The guys will discuss this and what it means for the industry.

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BBS #0010 – Facebook, DA & Social Media Privacy

Recorded March 22, 2018

Facebook, DA & Social Media Privacy

In episode 10 of The Binary Barbershop Gabe and Gus dig into the recent information exposed by a Cambridge Analytica whistle blower about the unethical and potentially illegal handling of Facebook user information. The guys will break down how the information was gathered through Facebook quizzes that everyone loves so much. They will further discuss how friends in your network can put you at risk with their behavior and why participating in these kinds of online games and quizzes can be dangerous. The guys will also explain how Cambridge Analytica used this data in its marketing an ad campaigns to try to alter and influence peoples voting choices in recent elections. Finally Gus and Gabe will talk about what the future of this might hold and whether or not they believe this is the end or there will be more instances like this brought to the surface in the near future. 

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BBS #0007 – Social Media Security & Privacy

Recorded February 16, 2018

Social Media Security & Privacy

How to keep yourself and your privacy secure on social media, that’s the topic of discussion on episode 7 of the Binary Barbershop. Gus and Gabe get into specifics with regard to actions you and your family can take with your social media accounts to keep yourself safe. The social media platforms discussed in episode 7 focus on Facebook and LinkedIn as they are the two largest platforms for personal and professional use. Gus and Gabe discuss password creation and use, privacy settings and how you share information and interact with others online. The guys finish up the episode with some general best practices that can be utilized across any social media platform to help you keep you and your family’s information safe.

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