BBS #0017 – Matt Greene Interview

Matt Greene Interview

In this episode of the Binary Barbershop, Gus and longtime friend, Matt Greene, sit down for a discussion about current technology trends and interests, what we look for when we evaluate potential talent for cyber security positions and how people making the transition from the military to the civilian world can give themselves an upper hand. A U.S. Army Veteran who currently works as a cyber security engineer,  Matt talks about his personal experience with separating from the Army and provides some useful insight for those who may be considering that move.

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BBS #0011 – Tech in Active Shooter Prevention

Recorded April  5, 2018

Tech in Active Shooter Prevention

In episode 11 of The Binary Barbershop, Gus and Gabe tackle a topic that, in many ways, is delicate and complicated. With all of the political jockeying with regard to gun control, there seems to be very little discussion about how we can use currently existing technology to aid in the prevention and increase response time to active shooter situations. Gus and Gabe will talk about some of the technologies already in use in various places across the country as well as existing technology that could be better leveraged. The guys’ conversation in this podcast is driven by the desire to help people with technology. Admittedly, less planning went into this podcast and it was fueled by more emotion than anything else. Be on the lookout for a possible follow-up where we break down some of these technologies discussed in more detail. 

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BBS #0008 – Amazon, DDoS Attacks & Critical Infrastructure

Recorded March 2, 2018

Amazon, DDoS Attacks & Critical Infrastructure

In this episode of the Binary Barbershop Gus and Gabe discuss some of the interesting details surrounding the Acquisition of smart doorbell maker, Ring as well as some unique and interesting information surrounding the details of the largest Distributed Denial of Service attack ever recorded. Afterwards, Gus and Gabe spend most of the time delving into the world of Critical Infrastructure and its protection as well as control systems security and how the two relate. Critical Infrastructure and control systems security undoubtedly touch all of us on a daily basis. The guys hope that this episode’s discussion will help enlighten everyone to things they may not have been aware of and increase their understanding of the world around them.

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BBS #0005 – Sharenting & New CES Tech

Recorded 1-17-2018


In Episode 5 of the Binary Barbershop Gabe and Gus hash out some of the lessons learned and feedback they’ve received from the first 4 episodes of the podcast. Gus shares some information on an interesting new piece of malware infecting Android phones as well as some of his favorite cyber and tech blogs. Gabe discusses a recent experience with his Apple device’s battery life and provides some helpful advice that listeners can use to help avoid their own potential issues. Gabe also shares a personal story that ended up correlating with a Today Show special about “Sharenting” and the issue of parents sharing too much information on social media and the risk it can pose to children. Next, the guys take a look at the benefits of trying to always see the potential risks or vulnerabilities associated with new technologies and how it can help protect your network and information. Finally, Gabe and Gus spend the remainder of the time discussing some of the new technologies and devices that were introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show, some of their potential security risks and give their general opinion on the new technologies.



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