BBS #0017 – Matt Greene Interview

Matt Greene Interview

In this episode of the Binary Barbershop, Gus and longtime friend, Matt Greene, sit down for a discussion about current technology trends and interests, what we look for when we evaluate potential talent for cyber security positions and how people making the transition from the military to the civilian world can give themselves an upper hand. A U.S. Army Veteran who currently works as a cyber security engineer,  Matt talks about his personal experience with separating from the Army and provides some useful insight for those who may be considering that move.

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BBS #0006 – Jackpotting & Personal Device Privacy

Recorded January 31, 2018

Jackpotting & Personal Device Privacy

In episode 6 of the Binary Barbershop Gus and Gabe discuss the rise of a new criminal trend making its way into the United States targeting ATM’s in systematic, team-based attack. While not a direct threat to any one person these attacks bring about many interesting and important questions with regard to the safe use of ATMs. Gus and Gabe will discuss some things you can do to keep yourself safe when using ATMs as well as other self service point of sale or transaction based machines. Gus and Gabe also discuss a recent series of discoveries by the United States military which deals with the collection of GPS related data from smart fitness devices such as fitbits, for example, and the ability to aggregate user data to map out detailed information about military facilities. Gus and Gabe explain how this is done, how the features affect you as a user of these devices (including cell phones) and what you can do to use them safely. Lastly Gus and Gabe discuss some exciting things they have planned for future episodes and how they look to continue bringing interesting, informative and entertaining content to everyone.

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