BBS #0009 – Cutting the Cord

Recorded March 15, 2018

Cutting the Cord

In this episode of the Binary Barbershop Gus and Gabe discuss what it means to cut the cord! Ever get tired of the constructs of your cable TV or satellite TV provider’s contract? Ever wish you had more control or more freedom over how you get your favorite television and entertainment content? Well in episode 9 Gus and Gabe get into the details of how you can “Cut the Cord” from your normal service provider and obtain all the content you love to watch with just your internet connection. Gus and Gabe will discuss options such as Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, Roku, Smart TV’s, and self-designed platforms using Raspberry Pi’s. The guys will also discuss various services such as Netflix, Hulu, SlingTV and others and how they can be utilized on the previously mentioned devices. This episode is entirely dedicated to helping you save money, regain control over your content options and CUT THE CORD!!

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BBS #0006 – Jackpotting & Personal Device Privacy

Recorded January 31, 2018

Jackpotting & Personal Device Privacy

In episode 6 of the Binary Barbershop Gus and Gabe discuss the rise of a new criminal trend making its way into the United States targeting ATM’s in systematic, team-based attack. While not a direct threat to any one person these attacks bring about many interesting and important questions with regard to the safe use of ATMs. Gus and Gabe will discuss some things you can do to keep yourself safe when using ATMs as well as other self service point of sale or transaction based machines. Gus and Gabe also discuss a recent series of discoveries by the United States military which deals with the collection of GPS related data from smart fitness devices such as fitbits, for example, and the ability to aggregate user data to map out detailed information about military facilities. Gus and Gabe explain how this is done, how the features affect you as a user of these devices (including cell phones) and what you can do to use them safely. Lastly Gus and Gabe discuss some exciting things they have planned for future episodes and how they look to continue bringing interesting, informative and entertaining content to everyone.

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Fitness Trackers

BBS #0003 – Getting Into the Cyber Biz

Recorded 12-6-2017


In this episode of the Binary Barbershop Gabe and Gus sit down to discuss a question that is asked a lot in their field. “How do I get into the cyber security field”? The guys will break down two general paths that are taken into the cyber security and information security field. They will discuss more traditional routes through college and educational institutions for obtaining a degree and formal training. Additionally they will discuss the less traditional routes that are available to professionals, students and veterans. Gus and Gabe will discuss free resources for training and education available to anyone as well as excellent resources for disabled veterans. The guys will talk about what is required, once in the industry, to maintain relevance and qualifications in order to stay competitive, what kind of mindset you need and the soft skills that are certain to give anyone looking to transition into cyber an edge. Lastly the guys will talk about special considerations that should be taken into account by anyone looking to make a move in the cyber security field.



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BBS #0002 – Industry Gap in Cyber Skills

Recorded 10-6-2017


In this episode of the Binary Barbershop, hosts Gus and Gabe dive head first into the issue of cyber security skills gaps within the private and public sectors. The guys lay out what exactly the skills gap is, providing some interesting insight from the CSIS and discuss the exact areas that are most lacking. Next the guys break down some of the various ways that this lack of cyber security skills in the IT field has a direct effect on the public, what the public can do to protect themselves and how organizations can better address the issue. Finally Gus and Gabe will talk about ways the skills gap can be closed through education and awareness as well as scholarship opportunities and a better image of the cyber security field in general.

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BBS #0001 – Cyber Hygiene & Cyber Grandma

Recorded 9-28-2017


In episode 1 of the Binary Barbershop, Gus and Gabe sit down to discuss cyber hygiene, what it is, why it’s important and what you can do to improve your own. The guys break the topics down into three main discussion points including cyber hygiene for the home, online and then general hygiene practices. In this episode you’ll learn the importance of properly managing your home devices’ default passwords and settings, ensuring your home’s Wi-Fi, keeping and managing important documents security and why you should make sure all of your devices stay patched and updated. The discussion will also include the importance of monitoring your family and children’s internet usage, what to avoid doing on social media and other practices for using and navigating the web safely. Lastly the guys will talk about some general best practices for using public internet connections, openly discussing personal information and what you can do to increase your security when you need to do these things.

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